Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Veterans Day!

Today we celebrate the many VETERANS who given so much sacrifice to our Nation, in the past present and future.  We salute you and your families.
It just so happens that Veteran's Day lands on our "Random act of kindness Monday".  We have been slacking lately so it was a great way to honor both occasions.  We baked cupcakes with homemade flags and took them to the veterans at Greencroft. 
It was quite the excursion getting there through the traffic, finding the right parking lot with all the construction and then locating the activity director at Greencroft in order to find a list of all the Veterans.  But at last, we made it!
We walked around to several of the residents in their rooms and then found most of them in the dining room eating their dinner at 4:30pm.  No judgment here, someone's gotta eat before their 5:30pm bedtime.  =)
You don't even know the joy that children bring to these "old" people's faces.  When we walked in they all started talking about them and had a big ol' smile.  We made so many cupcakes that we were able to hand out cupcakes to the veterans friends at the table.  The kids enjoyed this so much, .........although I think Jackson's favorite part was the cat that roamed around there.  Jackson was super shy at first but then opened up and started saying "I'm Jackson and I'm 3, I'll be 4 in January."

I'm so proud of you kids!  Thank you Veterans! 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A day in the life of Papa Joel & Livi

Early this morning G-pa Joel called to see if he could take Livi out for the morning but would not disclose where they were going.  All he told her was to dress "pretty".  So as any 10 year old would do she took "pretty" to a whole new level and put a dress on, did her hair all cute and put on the finishing touches of red lipstick.  Man, did she look pretty!
So first up was a trip into downtown Goshen to check out the new "Before I die I want to ........." wall.  G-pa found a video on Youtube on how it got started.  
Livi wrote several things on this wall.......
"go to college"
"meet Taylor Swift"
"become a professional dancer"
"make my mark on the world"
"play the guitar"
and last but not least, "help all my friends know Jesus"
all of these are soooo my baby girl.  I just love you Olivia Faith Adkins and I am confident you will do all of these things.......well, maybe with the exception of meeting Taylor Swift.  Buuuuut never say never.  =)
Next stop was the farmer's market to walk around and browse all the local's food.
Then a trip to the Old Bag Factory was a must.  They stopped to play the piano, browse the music store, goof around in the thrift shop.......
and then a date at the Trolly CafĂ© to eat a late breakfast.
After this they headed to the one and only "Michelle's Craft Store"
Livi, you are one funny girl!  I think G-pa had the time of his life with you., what a fun day for the both of you.  =)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Jackson got a bunk bed!

Since Jackson will be 4 in a few months we think it might be time to cut the cord and make the biscuit sleep in his own room.  With the transition of the big move I didn't want to force it right away but now that we have officially sold the crib we have used for the past 7 years (get back in my eye, you tears!!!) we are moving on to the big boy bed, a bunk bed to top it off. 
I've researched and researched for the perfect bed and quite honestly have had a difficult time finding exactly what I want for the budget I have given myself.   But at last, I found the perfect one on my one and only store that would never let me down, Target.  
So the bed was delivered directly to the house in large boxes this week which require assembly and a while day of building.  So this morning Jackson and daddy got started on putting together his bed.  Jackson was the cutest as he helped hand out the nails and tools as daddy needed them.     
After several (cough, MANY) hours, the bed was finally put together.  Jackson was pretty proud of his daddy ad was ready to sleep the night away in his big boy bed. 
Thank you daddy!  .......and here's to many nights in your own room biscy boy. 

Maddie's 8th B-day party.

Happy Birthday Maddie!!!
I was super happy that I was allowed to come along to Club Taby with you and your friends for a fun girls night in honor of your birthday.
We started out at Maddie's house with a little pin the tail on the donkey and present opening and then headed out to Granger to Club Tabby.....with a minor detour stop at Starbucks.  =)  Hey......calm down, they gave you little cups of whip cream so count your blessings. 
The girls started their magic as soon as we arrived with hair braiding, make up, manicures, colored hair spray and dress up.  
You guys were absolutely beautiful and ready to dance the night away.  You had your own personal DJ playing any song at your request (One Direction, Taylor Swift, What does the fox say...), disco lights and a runway.  What more could a girl ask for? 
Livi even tagged along and helped get the party started with some of her crazy dance moves. 
Cupcake time!  Make a wish you wish this hair color would magically come out on our way home so your mom won't have to wash it in the kitchen sink and stain all her towels, kinda wish.  =)
Oh ya, get it girls!
What a super fun night we had!  You girls are a riot!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

For the last few years Uncle Mark has been begging us to come to his neighborhood for Halloween since he literally has thousands of trick or treaters flowing through it.  Since we have never taken him up on that invitation and with it being ridiculously cold out we thought it would be the best way to beg for candy this year. 
It was raining, cold, windy and quite miserable. 
But that never stops  kids from trick or treating. 
Everyone but Mark and Livi called it quits and headed back inside to get warm. 
Shortly after they came back and we all envied over everyone's candy.
There was no way G-ma Debi was about to share her Reece's butter cups.  =)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Enjoying the day off school

Since the kids had the day off school we decided to spend it outside to enjoy the last few days of warmer weather we will be given, I'm sure. 
We spent some time at the Crossroads church playground.
Followed by a picnic on the pier out by our very own pond!
After lunch is reading time!  The kids brought our some books and read in the afternoon sun.
While Livi took it upon herself to go fishing. 
She even caught a fish with her hot dog bait.
.....and then made me take the fish off the hook.  Did I mention I don't take fish off the hook?  I was proud. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Painting pumpkins

The girls have been begging to paint pumpkins "before" Halloween comes...(eh hem in 5 days) so I made it happen tonight.  I got the pumpkins and paint out and let them have at it.  
..........while daddy and Jackson took a nice log nap.
Here's Nevaeh's finished product: 
and Livi's finished product........